Services Offered by a Technology Insurance Company

If you are not sure what technology insurance is, it is a professional liability cover meant for designers, developers, distributors, and professionals working in the technology world either as providers of technology services or technology products. For instance, web designers, IT support firms, and data storage companies provide what is known as technology services while on the other hand, computer and technology devices manufacturers and software developers offer technology products. No provider of technology services or products is immune to technology liabilities, and they can arise from diverse areas such as network security breaches, loss of business due technical hitch of a technology product, failure of technology services, etc. and hence need to obtain technology insurance to cover you in the event that you are sued or fined. Technology liabilities arise from several directions that as a technology services or products provider may not foresee and take precautions. There are common areas that technology insurance focuses on that give rise to liability exposures such as failure to communicate clearly with the customer on certain crucial piece of information, loss of business and profits due to failure of products and systems, infringement of copyrights and trademarks, failure to deliver as the contract, security weaknesses in the hardware and software, website design flaws causing the systems to jam or crush when overwhelmed by a surge in volumes, failure of employees to exercise due care when providing IT professional services, failure of the client to execute your plan, and missing projected outcomes even after giving assurances to the client. IT professional liabilities may not be avoidable and here below is a summary of various IT professional insurance services you can obtain from a technology insurance company.

The first and foremost crucial service a technology insurance company gives you is a cover for website designers. Clients contracting you as a website designer may not be satisfied with the delivered product or services and this may result in a lawsuit. Unhappy clients can sometimes sue you not because you did not deliver as per the contract but simply because they are not happy with the end product and hence you need insurance cover to keep your business protected. The other technology insurance service under website designers is a cover for you as a business if you host clients’ websites. Infringement of client data privacy, copyrights and trademarks are key pain areas for website developers and web hosting companies, and hence you should make sure that you are covered.

Another crucial type of technology insurance you can get is the computer programming cover. Computer programmers are often involved in difficult tasks such as writing new codes, modifying existing ones, developing applications, testing and providing support. A lawsuit can easily arise from computer programming services and hence need for a technology liability cover.

Computer stores insurance cover is another kind of insurance offered b IT professional liability covers. Clients often sue computer stores if the devices they purchase are not genuine or are faulty. Finally, IT consultants are also covered under technology insurance as they teach the clients on how to use various systems.

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