More than one million individuals have opened Amazon seller accounts this year alone. Doing so allows a person to generate income either full or part-time. However, the thought of setting up this account deters many from joining the ranks of sellers on this popular site. It’s easier than most imagine, and a person can easily make money from the comfort of their own home. Certain steps must be taken before any products can be sold though. The first step is opening an account and the steps to do so are explained below.

Be Prepared

Gather the required information before beginning. You’ll need your full business name and details, an email address for the business, and a credit or debit card. A phone number will be required for verification, and banking information must be provided for direct deposit. Finally, a seller needs a tax ID number or social security number for Amazon, as the site is required to report information to the IRS. Individual and professional accounts are offered, so sellers need to decide which option is best for them.

Opening the Account

Begin by going to Amazon Services and scrolling down to Selling on Amazon. Determine if you wish to sell as an individual or a professional, as each has its advantages. Many marketers start as an individual seller and upgrade in the future if sales take off. Create an account by filling in all required details and agreeing to the seller terms. Be sure to verify the account as required, and enter the preferred billing and payment methods. Tax information must be provided at this time, which requires a tax interview be conducted. Fortunately, this is all part of the account establishment process so additional steps do not need to be taken. Enter the product information and complete the two-step verification. Once this has been done, your account has been established.

You are now ready to begin selling your items on Amazon. However, sales won’t take off immediately. Other steps must be taken to generate interest in the products, so don’t assume this is an easy way to make money with no effort on the seller’s part. Learn how to make use of Seller Central, as this is where inventory is managed, sales are tracked, and more. Click here for more information on opening an account so you can get started today.

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